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   Are our prices interesting?...certainly, the best quality is alwaysthe ¨most profitable¨ selection!!!     It is more than proven that the best quality = always results in the end ... the ¨ most profitable¨ selection !!!

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OUR PRICES are specially calculated for each specific project, according to the global characteristics.

WE OFFER: complete projects - TURN KEY - with everything included THIS MEANS: complete installation with our direct start-up, but we also offer the options of choosing from our catalog only what may be more interesting for the Golf Course Management.

The following DIRECT BENEFIT of our SOLAR LIGHTS is their VERSATILITY for OTHER added USES:

WITH total interest and attention, TELL US what you need and we will prepare a BUDGET tailored to your needs= THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU (remember that we are the direct manufacturers without INTERMEDIARIES).

ORIENTATIVELY, our technical assembly team can install and activate between 7/10 solar LAMPS per day.

AND AS YOU HAVE ALREADY READ: NO construction or cement, NO need for trucks or vehicles on the green, NO wiring, no ditches and NO inconvenience to players or visitors. A CLEAN AND FAST WORK, which will provide you with an exceptional infrastructure that is mobile, scalable and modular for everything you may need in the future.

THERE IS NOTHING in the current MARKET...                                                                           THAT GIVES SO MANY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES !!!

WE KNOW WHAT WE MANUFACTURE ... we know what it costs ... and we know what it is worth ... but: project after project we also KNOW what it is for and what is achieved and above all: what are the FINAL RESULTS !!! (... that our clients pamper us with fidelity ... it will be for a reason)


Powerfully, the thousands of streetlights already installed and serving in Europe, are the direct Guarantee of DONE.

PRICE LIST in force in the month 10-2021, for confirmed orders in the scale of 1 to 9 units:

(for projects to be confirmed in the following month, please consult previously for update)


for mounting, fixing, activation, regulation and continuous remote control of each LAMP - ALL-in-ONE,

                               Therefore, they are final cost prices for the lamppost: NO WORK EXPENSES, NO CHANNELS, NO WIRING ... or flatbed truck, or unforeseen ... !!!

and with continuous remote control guaranteed to eliminate the following maintenance expenses.

DIRECT SAVINGS and fewer complications... 

LESS EXPENSES and fewer problems ... 

The most resistant and durable solar LAMP on the MARKET, lighting up to 20 days in a row even if there is no SUN

SUNix-Solar lamp-1-3-6

SUNix-Solar lamp-2-6-6

SUNix-Solar lamp-3-9-8

SUNix-Solar lamp-4-12-8

 FOR LINKED DIRECT DISTRIBUTORS, please contact us to receive our contract with special conditions:


and SEIZE an exceptional BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY !!! 

           STANDARD COMPOSITION OF OUR MOST SELLING PRODUCT IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET         Basic model-SUNix-Solar lamp-1-3-6 NIGHT Single - 1 x LED-6 m.-3x540 Wh- Includes the parts and components of this relationship:  

LIST of elements INCLUDED:

01QUATTRO SOLAR - 4 X 90 º - Vertical SOLAR Panels -4X1 =4 sides- Poly Cristal laminated

1 und x vertical body with 1,05 m x 0,35 m= Total 480 Wp- 12 V DC-

Total for orders from 1 to 9 uds

350 €  

02- Lamp LED SUNLIKE BIO-Dinamic- Circadian Lighting.

Only one PIECE- untill 30W-1800-4000 K BIO- EN13201

125 €

03- Electronic System AXPEKTRON 5585- 3 AKU-Lithium-ION + PIR DETECTOR.

Software + hardware full power supply and remote contro

2.325 €

04- Anchoring system WITHOUT CEMENT, by underground bolts + drilling.

Set with 3 unids x 1,5 meters stainless steel

EXTRA: IN SITU drilling of the 3-bolts by SUNIXTRON: (+XX euros x lamp)

165 €

05- FOLDING base plate for 6 meter mast

Complete system of 2 manipulable hinges

115 €

06- Hexagonal mast- removable GALVANIZED IRON.

Two-piece post- 2 x 3 meters = 6 meter hight

European static certification - Full homologation.

245 €

  IMAGINE NOW: that it can be very easily counted on SUBSIDIES + ENDOWMENTS of all kinds from the European, national and regional + local, special and available programs for this objective:

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT CLEAR ↔ ... With pleasure: we are at your disposal to expand the details.

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   WINNING solution: innovative, practical, fast, safe, reliable ... incomparable !!!

     VERTICAL SOLAR LAMP exclusive of SUNix-Tron©    Complete, modern and with advantages of assembly, use and above all maintenance.

OUR MISSION is to manufacture and guarantee QUALITY and constant innovation.

                    For your serious and professional project, contact us so that we can prepare a special global offer for you:

IF YOU HAVE A PROJECT = WE have an ideal OFFER for you

    Example of direct active execution = 7 units (extension of the initial project)

installed in ONE WORKING DAY in the town of Rakovnik - CZ

Hundreds of successful projects with ECO-BIO LED LIGHTING and vertical solar panels FOR ZERO MONTHLY COST