Elimination of the carbon footprint

ACTUAL USES in Marine Beaches. 

AN exceptional opportunity to complete the basic infrastructures of any type of TOURIST BEACH so that both on the perimeter and at the strategic points of ENTRY and EXIT of neighbors and visitors, you can install and offer your citizens a professional LIGHTING that can even allow  SWIMING AT NIGHT.

 THE IDEAL SOLUTION to complete your own infrastructures -WITHOUT CONSTRUCTION WORKS-                                                               and directly solving multiple needs in the busiest points.                                                                                                                                

GIVING THE BEACHES an appropriate innovative lighting wherever and also offering NEW PRACTICAL OPTIONS                                                   that provide -improvements and ADDED VALUE useful to be applied also for:                                                                              

                          local IP ADRESS, public WIFI, CCTV, INTERCOMS HELP POINTS, ETC.

          For example: THE BEACH NIGHT EXPERIENCE

           and in GENERAL, to be able to illuminate any beach point where it is necessary:

Actions that have an ideal application environment in those URBAN BEACHES that are frequently attended by massive numbers:

      BEING technical actions extensible to those BEACHES FAR AWAY from the central urban area but FREQUENTLY:

           BEING technical actions that can be extended to those BEACHES that are Promenades in the urban center:

       THAT IS: The capacity and possibility of having a direct lighting system that can be versatile, movable and adaptable to all types of terrain, with the FOLLOWING ADVANTAGES:


                      CONTINUOUS REMOTE CONTROL

USE a RENEWABLE ENERGY system that is made up of 4/6 vertical solar panels, which means 360º angle of electrical energy manufacturing power from Sunrise to Sunset.



WITHOUT DOUBT the most IMPORTANT in an BEACH environment ....that no WORK of any kind is necessary, no ditches have to be dug, or streets / sidewalks have to be touched in any part of the project, every things is WITHOUT CABLES, without breaking / changing / modifying ANYTHING. 

SUMMARY: we can say for example 10/20 MULTIPURPOSE LIGHTING POINTS to be able to install also:   

DATA / AUDIO / VOICE / VIDEO SURVEILLANCE / INTERNET WIFI / RFID ... ETC etc .....                 It is possible to install and start up in 2/3 business days without needing to touch a tile on the sidewalk, or generate any kind of annoyance for pedestrians, or modify absolutely anything in the local structure.

And as we have indicated, apart from the BIODYNAMIC LIGHTING itself, at any time and in any of the vertical solar street lights, other devices can be optionally installed and connected: